« Focus is a Limited Resource

June 12, 2019 • ☕️ 1 min read

Focus is a difficult thing to achieve. Sometimes it happens by accident because you’re generally interested and driven. That interest and drive can come because of the specific topic or task, but often times a concerted effort is required to actually focus and get a thing done. I’m here to tell you that its entirely possible to find focus regardless of interest. 

In the past few months I started working remotely for a company. This wasn’t a big shift for me, at first. My previous company was pretty flexible, which gave it sort of a hybrid feeling of remote and in-office. The initial months of working with this new company were powered by pure excitement of working for a different company, with new people and new ideas. Luckily the most recent months and weeks are still filled with an awesome company, great people and fun, challenging ideas. Something is different though, my mood and and output changed for a brief time.